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1.Name- Chloe
2.Age- 16
3.Location- Laguna Niguel - Orange County
4.Top 10 Bands-
*Ok Go
*Ima Robot
*The Pillows
*No Doubt (up to Tragic Kingdom)
*Green Day
*Charlotte Martin
*The Adicts

5.Five Books- Battle Royale, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Stargirl, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Virgin Suicides.
6.What Makes You Cool- I'm Asian. I design a lot of my own clothes, and I don't care what others think. Because I'm Vietnamese and can understand the language, I like to go into those hair and nail salons with the crazy gossiping Vietnamese ladies and pretend I can't understand them, then tell my friends what the hags said about them right in front of their face.
7.Who did you promote to?[include link]-
8.Who Invited You? No one.
9.What's your guilty pleasure- I'm a Japanophile...and occasional shoplifting
-coke/water- water
-hamburgers/vegiburgers- hamburgers
-i love the 80s/i love the 70s- i love the 80s
-conor oberst/ben gibbard- oberst
-robert smith/steven morrissey- morrissey
-aah real monsters!/rockos modern life- rocko's modern life
11.Ever met anyone psuedo famous and/or famous? Who? Man Faye at an anime expo. He was disgusting, but hilarious at the same time. I really can't remember who else. I'm not cool.
12.At least FIVE clear, un-overly contrasted or photoshopped pictures, and none of those lame photos with your hair covering up your whole face.

The most recent picture is from last October..I've been to lazy to upload anything recent.

Woah. Eighth grade.

Shitty picture, just thought I'd show the duct tape dress.
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