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1.Name- Jane  
2.Age- 15
3.Location- Mckinney, Texas. ;-; 
4.Top 10 Bands-
(Not in order)
The Academy Is
My Chemical Romance
Bikini Kill
The Promise Ring
Louis XIV
Dir en Grey
Rilo Kiley
Me first & The Gimme Gimmes
5.Five Books- Does manga count?
6.What Makes You Cool- I'm not cool. But hmm, I'm very weird, but a lot of people are. I laugh a lot and make fun of mentally challenged kids. Yep. Very sad. ^_^ >_>
7.Who did you promote to?[include link]- n/a
8.Who Invited You?
No one
9.What's your guilty pleasure- Spending to much on Hello Kitty
-coke/water- water 
 -hamburgers/vegiburgers- hamburgers.
-i love the 80s/i love the 70s- 80's
-conor oberst/ben gibbard- Oberst
-robert smith/steven morrissey- Morrissey.
-aah real monsters!/rockos modern life- Rockos Modern Life
11.Ever met anyone psuedo famous and/or famous? Who? None so far, just a couple of bands.
12.At least FIVE clear, un-overly contrasted or photoshopped pictures, and none of those lame photos with your hair covering up your whole face

New haircut. O_O But anywhoo, enjoy.
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